New And/Or Improved: Now Followable! Woo!

OK, so I think I figured this out, at least in a modest sort of way, thanks to someone claiming to be one Steve Rosenberger. At the bottom of the comments section, there should now be check boxes for following new posts and comments on an existing post. DO please stop by, check that box, sit back, and bask in the knowledge that you’ll now get two or three emails to clear out of your in box daily.

Oh, and extra pictures of Sydney.



I've got a dog. Used to have a fish.


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  • Bark!!

    Snoodles 6 years ago Reply

  • I haven’t got a dog now but Wembley fills the gap:)

    Dottie Mitchell Evans 6 years ago Reply

    • A very lucky grand-dog!

      John 6 years ago Reply

  • How do you subscribe ?

    Joe Raskin 6 years ago Reply

    • Bottom of the page, just under comments there are a couple check boxes. If you check the one for “notify me of new posts by email,” that should do it. This morning’s task was getting that working; maybe for the weekend I’ll try and find a more intuitive way of doing it. And thanks!

      John 6 years ago Reply

  • Doggie pics always work!

    John lyons 6 years ago Reply

  • I have no comment except that I am happy to be one of the hip kids who subscribe to your blog.

    joy o'sullivan 6 years ago Reply

    • So much to live up to!

      John 6 years ago Reply

  • I will follow! (ugh, not in that Bono way)

    Pseu B 6 years ago Reply

    • I’m so glad for the (), because if you did, it’d be awful for you to be the first person I have to block!

      John 6 years ago Reply

  • This blog would make a great YA novel title. Just saying.

    sarah the terror 6 years ago Reply

    • Welcome to my world.

      John 6 years ago Reply

  • Whither thou bloggest… ✍️

    steve rosenberger 6 years ago Reply

    • Whither or wither? One hopes the former, but never quite knows…

      John 6 years ago Reply

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