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It’s All Over But The Voting Dept.

Well, no more polls, and as much as I like figuring out what things really mean, even I’m more than a little tired of it all. The last couple surveys came in this morning, both tracking polls that have always favored Trump (remember the LA Times tracker that is wildly

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Into–Deo Gratias–The Homestretch…

OK, OK, so the polls have tightened, but the polls always tighten in the last couple weeks.  I’d thought that Comeymania would filter through for a few days, if at all, and then things would stabilize.  If they’re going to stabilize, it’s today and tomorrow that it will happen.  On

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So, is ANYthing happening? Umm, well….

So since there’s nothing new to talk about again, but I’m trying to do something every day, let’s go to the videotape. In the last three presidential elections, and you may not know this, but the Democratic candidate has actually outperformed the polls, after previous underperformance.


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