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The (Drug) Price Is (Sort Of) Right! (Sometimes)

Spending the day, as I often do, listening to company conference presentations and/or–in today’s case, and–meetings with management teams.  Today, I’m in drug world (no, not the way you might think).

So what’cha got?  Some interesting sidelights on drug pricing from a conference presentation this morning, given by a company, Neurocrine

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It’s All Over But The Voting Dept.

Well, no more polls, and as much as I like figuring out what things really mean, even I’m more than a little tired of it all. The last couple surveys came in this morning, both tracking polls that have always favored Trump (remember the LA Times tracker that is wildly

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The Science of Thanksgiving

Brownian motion (brounēən ˈmōSHən)

1. The erratic random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid, as a result of continuous bombardment from molecules of the surrounding medium.

2. The activity of a crowd of middle-aged men calling home on their cellphones as they wander the aisles in Whole Foods on Thanksgiving morning.

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Into–Deo Gratias–The Homestretch…

OK, OK, so the polls have tightened, but the polls always tighten in the last couple weeks.  I’d thought that Comeymania would filter through for a few days, if at all, and then things would stabilize.  If they’re going to stabilize, it’s today and tomorrow that it will happen.  On

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