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For Future Reference (Pricing)

Hey Folks, I’m back!  (Don’t ask where I’ve been, let’s just maintain the convenient fiction that I left my password in my other khakis and move on.  Thank you.)

And I’m back with that all-time crowd-pleasing page-turner, HEALTH CARE POLICY!

But srsly folks, Peter Ubel, one of my favorite health care policy

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Little Tim And Big God

So there was a piece I saw online from the NY Times today, kind of a simplistic Q&A between Nicholas Kristof and Tim Keller, and if none of this means anything to you, that’s also cool.  A friend asked us what we thought of how Keller did in his responses to

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The (Drug) Price Is (Sort Of) Right! (Sometimes)

Spending the day, as I often do, listening to company conference presentations and/or–in today’s case, and–meetings with management teams.  Today, I’m in drug world (no, not the way you might think).

So what’cha got?  Some interesting sidelights on drug pricing from a conference presentation this morning, given by a company, Neurocrine

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Must be our tropical New England climate….

So there’s a new survey on healthiest and unhealthiest states in America  compiled, admittedly, by some semi-clickbait web site, but based on the usual health data–obesity rate, smoking, docs per 100K population, cardiovascular death rate, uninsured rate.  The results are about what you’d expect, though without bothering to correlate

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The Science of Thanksgiving

Brownian motion (brounēən ˈmōSHən)

1. The erratic random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid, as a result of continuous bombardment from molecules of the surrounding medium.

2. The activity of a crowd of middle-aged men calling home on their cellphones as they wander the aisles in Whole Foods on Thanksgiving morning.

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228 Years of (Electoral) College Down The Drain

So let’s look at this dispassionately and with an eye to some inconsistencies that are uncomfortably popping up.  Yes, she got more votes than he did, but the compactness of the votes, as it were, is what pushed the election over to him (you can talk

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