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Happy Trafalgar Day!

Well, yes, since you ask, it is Trafalgar Day, and how better to celebrate it than with one of Maurice Gibb’s greatest moments? The pièce de résistance of the group’s “Sad Beatles” Era, the best John Lennon song John Lennon never wrote, and one of my fave rave Bee

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Into–Deo Gratias–The Homestretch…

OK, OK, so the polls have tightened, but the polls always tighten in the last couple weeks.  I’d thought that Comeymania would filter through for a few days, if at all, and then things would stabilize.  If they’re going to stabilize, it’s today and tomorrow that it will happen.  On

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Clinton Goes Nuclear

While the polls are unlikely to show much movement from last Friday’s Comeymania™ (no, srsly, they’re not–polls do always tighten somewhat in the last weeks of a campaign, but that’s it), Sec. Clinton has gone on the offensive in a way that many people felt she should have done some

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